Hikashop - a shop component for Joomla!

I've used Hikashop for many websites over the years. The free version gives you everything you need to create a sophisticated online store. With an upgrade to the Business plan (euro 99.9) you can also easily add an affiliate programme.

Check out the features of Hikashop.

Hosting Links

A2 Hosting: Highly Recommended

Stop being cheap : Derek Halpern

I like Derek Halpern from SocialTriggers, he's one of the few people who's emails I usually open because I know he's going to offer some great advice.

This is an excellent video talking about how, and why, you should manage your costs.


How to write headlines - a must have skill

Whether it's blogs, sales pages, or video script, everything starts with a headline.

On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.” David Ogilvy

I confess, I've been in denial about headlines for a long time!

Advice like 'write the headline first', left me blank. Staring at an empty screen, unable to write a word because I didn't know where to begin with the blasted headline.

It wasn't till I read, and reread, numerous articles and free downloads dedicated to the subject that I eventually realised the importance of them, and was able to face them without a feeling of utter failure before I'd even started.